Here at McMelson’s Pub, you can enjoy a lovely single malt whisky.
We have more than hundred different sorts of whiskies 🥃 to choose from.
Nothing to worry, Sonny will be helping you to choose the one that would require to your needs. 
At McMelson Pub we have whisky 🥃 tastings as well. Here we try to explain about what whisky is all about.
It is not just something you kill with coke.
But it is the heavenly water that provides you with life. So what a lovely way to reach to the sky’s.  


Flensburg is one of the most famous Rum harbour towns in Germany and the town still distiller their own Flensburg Rum.
Considering that and Sonny being a Pirate and all, Mc Melson Pub has a great amount of quality Rums to choose from.
At McMelson the Rum is never gone!!! And of course we have Rum tastings.
Where me mates and me crew will be serving you as pirates 🙂


Over the years Gin has gotten very popular in Scandinavia and northern part of Germany.
Therefore has our Gin selection has gotten bigger.
We like to serve the right gin with the right tonic and we provide our drinks with fresh or dried fruits, as well with spices.
What a wonderful freshness of a highball.
Gin tastings has been a great hit, for party’s.